WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT?  JJ THE CPA is on a mission along with his ride or die soulmate THE AMANDA, to help save small businesses across America that have been struck by the COVID-19 crisis. After helping thousands of small businesses over his 27 year career as a practicing CPA, JJ is taking his talents and jumping into the trenches to help dig out fellow business owners who never thought they'd see this day. They will be traveling the country, rolling up their sleeves, flexing calculators to help pull up boot straps and bring smiles with relief to all those they can. This effort is not to gain clients, as JJ THE CPA is not taking on new clients, and providing all his services to the businesses he agreed to help at no charge. JJ the CPA starting making videos on YouTube to quickly communicate a ton of information to his clients. Soon word got out that he was ahead of the curve in interrupting the massive amount of financial and tax incentives created by the government in response to to the crisis, and JJ being JJ the CPA, he created a website as a community service to be a landing spot for small businesses to find information about all the programs rapidly developing. As he saw the need for information grow, he soon thereafter created worksheets, checklists, excel spreadsheets and accompanying videos explaining it all to help anyone who needed it. Because the response was so vast for more information and resolving endless questions, JJ decided to go live on YouTube simply to record all his answers to questions in a video he planned to be too long to upload. To he and Amanda's surprise thousands and thousands of people were checking into his LIVE streams on YouTube, with many tuning in near constantly. He has gone live daily, Monday - Friday, and many times nearly 3 hours trying to help as many people as he can. Given JJ is not taking on new clients, and has asked nothing in return, it has impressed many that he has been so genuine in his pursuit to honor his late Grandfather, Omar Abbott Slayter, CPA and profession by living up to being a Certified "PUBLIC" Accountant. AMERICA's CPA! To continue this mission, JJ and Amanda decided to give birth to an idea they had when JJ first started his speaking tour in late 2018, which was to create a reality show to help fellow businesses, with a primary purpose being to showcase the small business and the fact that just about every small business has the same core struggles, challenges and rewards, and that they are not alone. JJ the CPA has a style all his own, starting with his jackets, but not to be over shadowed by his personality that is always in high gear to make other feels better about their circumstances. JJ starts every video for nearly the last 2 years by saying... "JJ THE CPA HERE!" And with that... enjoy the creation of the reality show... JJ THE CPA HERE! THANKS FOR WATCHING! I APPRECIATE YOU! THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!